"In a world where artists have influence and that influence is often abused, I want to make a difference. More than making music, I want to have an impact, and music can open doors for me to have an impact on people around the world." - Ezekiel

Swift Current, Saskatchewan based rapper Ezekiel is that awkward guy who never really fit in, who somehow ended up in the music industry. Growing up being told he wouldn’t amount to much, having never made a sports team, and not having many friends, he is hardly the type of person you would imagine traveling Canada as a rapper sharing his faith in Jesus. Yet here he is.

Spending the majority of his life not fitting in, Ezekiel turned to music to explore his identity. This opened many doors for travel, and opportunities to share his story through music as well as speaking. Whether he is moving a crowd with his music, or captivating a congregation with his speaking it is clear that Ezekiel is a gifted communicator and a man with a mission. Using Hip Hop as his medium Ezekiel has travelled Canada and the northern United States performing and speaking at dozens of venues, speaking to children, teens, adults, and seniors. He stands in stark contrast with stereotypical hip hop, as Ezekiel's message is one of hope.

After winning Rap Song of the Year at the 38th Annual Covenant Awards,  he received another nomination at the 40th Covenant Awards for Rap Song of the Year, for his single Do It All Again. Ezekiel has continued making music  that represents the deepest cries of his heart, and his listeners have come to expect raw emotion, and reflective lyrics, while Ezekiel shares his struggles, triumphs, and faith through his music. 

Who is Ezekiel?